About The Indian Villa

Indian flavours diffuse all through the world, including a perfect dine-in spot at 68 - 70 Windmillhill St, Motherwell ML1 1TA, called Indian Villa Restaurant.

Besides the dine-in service, while sinking down on your sofa, you can order what’s tempting you and get it delivered to the front door of your house or pick it up yourself if convenient.

In our Indian restaurant, we provide our customers with an assortment of traditional Eastern and Western dishes from hot spicy Achari dishes to fresh creamy Kormas, tasty Vegetable delicacies, deep fried Goanese Dishes, Accompaniments finger-licking good, authentic Tandoori Bread, aromatic Biryanis and many more.

Local residents are always the most reliable sources of information. If you are in Windmillhill area looking for a traditional Indian restaurant, ask a random local for ‘authentic Punjabi Masala near me’, and they will point you to our place.

Doing some late-night shopping at Lidl in Windmillhill Street? Well, don’t worry what to eat for dinner as we are at a convenient distance from the shopping centre. Place an online order while inside the mall and then collect it on your way back.

Our Chef’s Specialities provides an endless list of our delicious delights that are prepared to traditional cuisines from Tandoori Masala-flavoured Begum Bahar to yoghurt-marinated Butter Masala, creamy barbecued Chasni, Tandoor-roasted Jalfrezi, truly unique Lalpuri and many other wonderful options.

Try our Vegetable Dishes if you are a veggie following a no-meat diet. Our homemade Daal Curry can treat your taste buds to a delicious experience.

Our menu also offers Turkish-style Shish Kebabs that are well worth trying. They are juicy and melt in the mouth as easily as butter does.

We are now partnered with Mealzo, you can also order through Meazlo App and get exclusive discountsa.

Call us at 01698254851 for your questions about our services and dishes.

Thank you for staying with us.



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